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GROUNDED Handmade Soap Bar

GROUNDED Handmade Soap Bar

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A beautifully handcrafted cold process soap bar, this beauty is made with skin-loving coconut oil, cocoa butter, and olive oil. This super gentle bar creates a luxurious soft and creamy bubbly lather, and rinses clean without stripping the skin at all.

Made with love by hand in small batches, for All kinds of skin and bodies. This bar is only scented with all natural, certified organic essential oils - that’s it! The essential oil blend is that of a natural forest, grounded in trees and earth. Not overpowering or strong at all, the subtle scent of this bar is fresh and a masculine herbal treat.

The gorgeous forest green hue in this bar comes from natural spirulina powder made from dried plants, instead of dyes or colorants. As simple as the word Natural intended, this beautiful yet intentionally simple recipe has been perfected just right for all of us.

No fillers, synthetic additives, fragrance or perfume is found here to irritate the skin or the senses- just pure, organic natural goodness.

Ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil, organic unrefined coconut oil, organic raw unrefined cocoa butter, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, organic essential oil blend of cedarwood, cypress and pine, organic spirulina powder

Net approx. 4.6 ounces

handcrafted with love

made in petaluma, ca

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