About Us

About Wild Sage Farms 


Pure Bath + Body Care & More - Handcrafted with Love


Wild Sage Farms started with our absolute love for natural and pure products, plants & flowers and time in nature. We have always loved sharing our abundances of fresh flower, vegetable & herb harvests with those who love them too. Slowly we started making homegrown flower & succulent pieces for friends, as well as fresh body creams, bath soaks and oils.

Many herbs & flowers we use are from our own organic garden at our family ranch, just outside of beautiful Petaluma, CA. Absolutely every ingredient that comes into our farm studio shop is of the absolute highest-quality, organic standards.  We believe in using products based on quality, while being eco-friendly, instead of cost - because it is so important to us - and truly is a win-win in our hearts. We love everything natural, rustic, and of simple, true beauty.

Our passion for clean skin care and bath & body care took over, and our business was born. We know more than anyone how sensitive skin can help you become aware of everything you put on your skin, having a lifetime of eczema and super sensitive skin. 
Before you know it, we accomplished our first Herbalist course certificates, botanical skin care courses completed, and more - tediously studying, growing, and using the most awesome herbs and flowers in our handmade bath & body care products.

We built our business in 2018 in our local community and created our website & Etsy shops, where we can share the goodness of beautiful products with the world, and have been crafting new awesome products to the collection ever since. We have big plans to keep growing slowly, and can’t wait to share all the love that we have in store for you.

Sustainability has always been a priority to us in operating a small business. You will find our packaging and materials to be biodegradable, recyclable, and definitely reusable in almost every aspect of our business.  

You’ll never see anything artificial, parabens, fragrance, FD&C color, fillers, talc, toxins, or any dirty chemicals in our products - EVER. We couldn’t be more real with you on this one, and we mean it.

Thank you for being here.  We truly hope you enjoy, and we hope you treat yourself. You do good, and you deserve it.